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A Few Tips

One of the biggest rules is to interact with your new peeps as soon as you can. Ask provocative questions, or just thank them for being a new person on your list. Whatever you do, find ways that will interact with you. The more interaction, the better algorithms can move through the groups and channels.

Some Stats You Should Know About

Since Telegram launched in 2013, they’ve attained 365 million iOS downloads with 9 million more downloads on Android-based smartphones. There are more than 15 billion messages sent per day on the Telegram application. By 2022 it’s said they’ll have 1 billion more users. That’s a long climb, but it looks pretty positive. If that happens, they’ll surpass even Instagram which, is a Facebook-owned format unless that popular format picks up steam, and it could. Nevertheless, there’s some heavy competition out there on the internet to grab your attention.  Working on as many social media platforms as possible is definitely a plus if you can build them all.

Here’s What Happens

Working on your social media aptitude and continuing to build all your efforts of attaining peeps, you should create a spreadsheet. Keeping your information on a spreadsheet can do two things for you.

  1. It can make you look good to a possible client as you’re an influencer when you grow enough on each platform.
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