Refund policy

In the purchase of services from, you are under full understanding and acknowledgment that you agree to completely indemnify from any wrongdoings. You agree that you will be purchasing offers from only and fully agree to the understanding you are buying at an “at-risk” basis.

Fraudulent charges detected by our litigation department, mistakes made by either party allows a few things to be done to correct the problem. These actions may only be determined if we find the exact problem and can be completely indemnified from misdoings that may have occurred.

We reserve the right to:

  • Offer a reset for all likes.
  • Stop and terminate your account.
  • Permanently ban your IP address.

Our litigation department shall and will investigate the complaint, problem, or otherwise discussed properly until such matters are known to completely. There will be no action listed above until all are brought into the light of truth. After a proper investigation. The support and litigation team or the instigation team, actions above will be decided on and executed.

Chargebacks and Disputes

Any dispute, chargeback, payment reversal has the possibility of being settled through utilizing the support team. If there’s a problem, you’ll need to use the online chat or click on the email button and send a letter directly to our support team. This email will go into our system and be numbered. Each email will be looked at and attended to on a first come first serve basis. All users are treated equally and fairly according to our best practice policies, terms, and conditions, along with our refund policies.

Users that are not completely satisfied with our service at may request a full refund if it happens within the first thirty days of their purchase. Those who request after the time may or may not be granted their request depending on all circumstances thereof. The policy of our company is very certain. It states that we have the right to refuse any and all requests after thirty days. The support team is diligently looking for ways to serve those users who are still yet not satisfied.

Email notification support can be available for those who request refunds. You can contact us and request a refund process with our customer service, and support agents will be ready to assist you. Please be sure you have your account information ready, or you can send your account information to us by emailing us with your request. Contact us at [email protected]. We will assist you on a first come first serve basis.

For customers using our free services, no refund will be available. Believe it or not, we have individuals who will ask for refunds that they do not deserve. In this case, we simply remind them that they have been using the free service unless they can fully prove otherwise. If proper evidence is given, we shall handle the situations on a case by case basis as we make regular requests.

In best practices, we reserve the right to control certain transactions, investigations, litigation, and payment withholdings in a case by case situation. Each will be properly investigated. If the situation is found to be legitimate, the payment will be paid out eventually. If an investigation turns out to be negative, payment may be withheld in the case that the possible user has misused our services, abused our services, or brought about a problem on their end not connected with This decision will be in the hands of our legal department. will always adhere to best practices when it comes to our users or the rest of the world. We pride ourselves on our customer service. and willingness to work with users who truly wish to make an impact on the social media market. We strive for excellence and excel at customer relations so that we can gain confidence with our target base. Meeting customer satisfaction standard that best fits our policies, is a great part of our due diligence as we pay attention to detail and work together with our users to increase their profit. Helping our users grow, helps us grow as well.

Our team has had more than enough experience to be extremely helpful to our users. Experienced in Social Media Marketing and dealing with the ups and downs of the internet, we know where to go, and what to do when it comes to getting our users ready to go and do what they do. It’s a process that’s taken a large amount of time to learn but now we’re ready to offer deals, and services that our competition has a problem offering because of their own logistics. We’ve worked out the kinks and now have a firm affirmation of how and what we can do for our customers.

We can help our users roll with the punches of today’s ups and downs. We bring clarity to confusion in the social media market is what we do best. We’re about goal setting and about fixing the stigma and mythology that you can’t make money on the internet-medial streams. This is something that is slowly changing. We’re with that change and riding the tide until we get to the shore.

Contact for more information on how to go further with the strategies you’ve developed and how we can develop tools to get you going where many haven’t gone before. (Or maybe they have?) We’re on your side.