Privacy Policy

This is the most recent Privacy agreement as of 17 february, 2021.

At, we look very seriously at your privacy. Steps are taken to make sure your personal information is protected in proactive ways. This Privacy Policy is set in place for you. to understand what we do, how we use and communicate with the disclosure while making use of your personal information. The personal information you fill in our forms will only be used as a reference for your order. This information shall not be sold, redistributed, or offered in any other way shape, or form to any other entity. Unless legal proceedings are demanding our handing your information to authorities, it stays with us. takes its commitments seriously. From the way we do business to the way we’ve set our principles in place, we create confidence relationship with our users. While we keep your personal information a concern. We move forward in keeping security with information and confidence so that we can continue to work with our customers.

The basics

  1. We collect the personal data of our users. We go through a variety of procedures that identify users in precise ways. The information is for internal use only and helps to assure the user registration is correct and accurate.
  2. Laws require that any individual signing up for our service must be given the option to consent to give personal information to a third party association before it is used. This permission must be by writing, agreement with a digital signature, or signed. This particular information will stay with All information from users is protected and stored either permanently or temporarily and used for and with specific needs and uses of other reasons and purposes in keeping with the standard policies.
  3. All personal information of customers stored by is retained for verification purposes on the particular identification of users and viability. Orders and placements should be organized in our files. We do this to maintain our users.
  4. Users’ personal information is lawfully entered voluntarily by filling out our online forms. Each user will have complete knowledge and consent by agreeing to use our website. Our legal department will handle any requests, comments, or complaints regarding an accusation of fraud or otherwise entered the information.
  5. Users’ personal information is sensitive. As it is entered, it needs to be complete, accurate, and as truthful as possible for immediate verification by identification processes. Then the information will be kept. The users can easily access the tools they need without waiting for a propagation process to be finished before their tools are added to their account.
  6. Users protection is guaranteed by the team. We’ve got safeguards in place holding the right to keep users’ information secured. All accounts are protected against theft and will be monitored regularly. When there are detections of unauthorized access to any account, they will be stopped and not allowed to move further with our website. No part of our information shall be copied without authorized consent by Unauthorized copying or using tools in ways not intended for their use, is prohibited. It’s governed by laws both local and international.
  7. Personal information is managed by, its policies, and best practices. manages and secures all user information to refer back to it at any time needed. assures all guidelines are followed in each procedure.
  8. We will not lose any financial or sensitive information of any user. Some payments are processed by PayPal utilizing their financial programs, and others like visa, master card are processed through different secure gateways. No transaction or sensitive financial data will process through the website without its third-party association such as PayPal or other third-party advocates on a legal basis. After the process of payment is finished, it will have been encrypted using an SSL certificate assuring a safe and secure transaction.
  9. Names and expiration dates with the last four digits of the payment card number will be archived. We do not require a full payment card number. We only need clear client reference files. Third-party associates assist in all payment processing.

Use of Information

We gather information and use it to provide, analyze, administer, enhance and personalize user services. These range between our marketing efforts, aid the processing time of user registrations, orders, and payments. Communicating with users concerning topics, or if changes are needed inside the internet site itself is a needed function from time to time.

Other examples are as follows:

  • Illegal activities detected like fraud, and unauthorized access will be dealt with by use of the statutes listed in the Terms and Conditions of the website.
  • We also make enhancements to our services for our users. User interface experiences and target audience help us understand where and when to market our services.

Disclosure of Information

Contracted “Service Providers” assist in taking care of different services with our users. Our “Service Providers” are utilized for different reasons. They enhance or an internet presence, marketing research and targeting, communication with users and, the IT infrastructure inside and out keeping running as smooth as possible.

The “Service Providers” are used to personalize and enhance our offers to make things interesting and much more smooth to the user. They process credit card transactions with other kinds of payment transactions. Our customer service is “top-notch” with service standards that even our competition can’t do many times. Information collected we use for many reasons: a collection of debts, user data analysis, and transaction affairs, as well as user interaction of accepting our offers.  From time to time we send out surveys to understand where our marketing reach has to lead. This pertains to the goals and foresight of and it’s offers to users provides a service allowing “Service Providers” to assist in different functions. They will not be authorized to access your personal data in any way shape or form. “Service Providers” cannot and shall not disclose personal information of any user to other companies, or parties unless in written permission or otherwise by authorized user in this provision of services.