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This is the most recent Terms of Service agreement as of 17 february, 2021

When you use our website, you will be automatically in agreement with our Terms and Conditions of Use under the laws and regulations concerning compliance with local and enforceable laws. If you disagree with the terms of this website or do not acknowledge to agree, this negative action will prohibit you from accessing our website and using our tools. The information inside here as well as tools are protected by all applicable copyright and trademark laws which will be enforced if there should be violations.

Use License

We will be granting the right to temporarily download and use the information and/or software from MySMM.net. This will be for personal and/or non-commercial use only. The title will not, nor in any circumstances what-so-ever be transferred. Because of this, the license is a temporary use the only document. Listed below are a mandatory set of limits.

With this license, you will not be allowed to:

  1. Make copies of our materials and/or modify them in any way;
  2. Propagate our materials and/tools for any commercial reason/use for public display, whether it be commercial or not commercial;
  3. Use our software to be sorted, reconfigured, reverse any commands for any type of software enveloped on the MySMM.net website.
  4. Remove any proprietary information, delete any copyright or any action creating a rebrand whatsoever for any other use than what has been previously intended and agreed to.
  5. Transfer to other servers/persons/ or other locations.

Any action of the above list shall trigger an auto termination action by  MySMM.net in the event of discovery. The user may be subjected to copyright and protection laws of the license agreement. If a termination action should be executed by MySMM.net, you should legally comply with all rules. This includes destroying any and all downloaded information and documentation previously used and/or downloaded to your electronic device as well as printed materials.


The information documentation herein supplied to the user shall be used as an “At Your Own Risk” agreement. MySMM.net makes no promise/warranty implied or expressed. MySMM.net is to be held completely indemnified by users who agree with all Terms and Conditions herein this notice whether observed or not observed. Using our site, tools, software, and downloads, the user must adhere to all Terms and Conditions stated herein. MySMM.net makes no statements nor warranties any results or the stability of any use of said materials whatsoever, whether it be from our website or a download from other linked websites to your computer.


No circumstances in any way, shape, or form shall make MySMM.net liable for damages to your devices. Any harm that may be caused to any device without limitation, damages for loss of any data, profit, or business interruption whatsoever having arisen from the possibility of using or inability of using materials from the MySMM.net website. Any limitation mentioned by a MySMM.net representative either by phone, email, or documentation of possible damage may not be held, nor committed action against MySMM.net. No limitation mentioned shall be applied to any use whatsoever. MySMM.net shall not be at fault. Incidental, consequential placements of limitations and liability fall directly on the user and not MySMM.net.


No sensitive payment information shall be passed through the MySMM.net website servers. The secure method of accepting payments is processed using SSL encryption. A users’ information is verified through a secure payment gateway.

Revisions and Errata

All documentary information and material from MySMM.net internet site which may or may not include technical, typographical, or image errors may or may not be completely accurate. MySMM.net shall not guarantee the accuracy, whether it be complete or current.

Changes may be made to these informational documents at any time with or without notice and will be on the MySMM.net site as users work with it. It will be the user’s responsibility to check our Terms and Conditions as well as all documentation regardless of time, or current conditions. MySMM.net does not make any commitment whatsoever to update, change, or make addendums to any materials.


No links from the MySMM.net internet site have been checked or reviewed for proper links to any other page or website. The responsibility is laid to the user. We do not endorse any link, quote, or product of any website, nor do we promise of correctly working completely secure links. All links and recommendations in the MySMM.net internet site are clicked by the user at his/her own risk.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

All Terms and Conditions, as well as any other disclaimer of the MySMM.net internet site, shall be revised or not revised at any time at our discretion with or without advanced notice. Using the MySMM.net internet site makes any user subject to all Terms and Conditions, Conditions of Use, as well as any other legal and disclaimer documents herein.

Governing Law

The laws supporting this document herein are to be governed by the local territories in which the services inside the MySMM.net internet site documents, materials and, services are used concerning any conflict of law and “State and/or territorial” provisions.


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  1. MySMM.net is in no way associated with Instagram, Facebook, or any other associations working with them.
  2. The users who have accepted all Terms and Conditions of MySMM.net shall have 100 percent of the responsibility to understand and undertake any and all legislation from the Instagram Terms and Conditions thereof. Users who enter the MySMM.net site and use its material, software, or any documents are using them on an “Own Risk” basis.
  3. MySMM.net claims no responsibility whatsoever if using or not using materials in the MySMM.net website cause Instagram to ban your account.
  4. MySMM.net will unitize your username and password so that we can fill the requirements needed to fill your Instagram API needs. No information is stored, given away, or anything otherwise distributed to any other party. We as well do not create posts or make comments for a user’s benefit.
  5. No expected amount of followers, likes, and/or views will be guaranteed to any user in any way whatsoever.
  6. MySMM.net shall not warrant nor guarantee any continuous, or constant operability of service with our without errors in any way.
  7. During the use of the MySMM.net internet services, users must set accounts to “PUBLIC”. Downtime in our service for the reason a user does not adjust their account settings to “PUBLIC” will negate the possibility of any payment reimbursement issues for the full time that it is set to “PRIVATE”.
  8. Upon the purchase of services with MySMM.net, the user whether knowing or unknowingly agrees to understand all Terms and Conditions written herein this documentation. User may not at any time hold fraudulent or otherwise dispute against MySMM.net or its associates liable for any type of payment, software, or conflicts with any device used in the process of working with the MySMM.net internet services and materials.
  9. MySMM.net maintains the right in the authorization of its holdings to modify, suspend, or negate any party of service inside any of its contents with or without any notice to the user.
  10. The user will adhere to the sole responsibility of the Terms and Conditions of this documentation as well as with any and all materials herein on the MySMM.net internet website.
  11. All users of the MySMM.net internet website must be aware of all changes upon their own will and not the enforcement of MySMM.net associative personnel, or from any of its staff.


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